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DOVE in Finland and India

Dove has continued to fly noble, firmly and powerfully inside China, and continues from China across the globe. In the year 1999, when we started the Dove project, our plan was only to help a little bit Chinese Home Church Movement in their children’s ministry… but God had more interesting plan for it. After it reached all the provinces in

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Targeting ISIS with the Bible

“I find this to be a rather neat idea,” writes one person under the name SOC Williams in the comment section of RT News at when the world first started to hear of BTJ’s project of dropping Bibles in ISIS controlled areas. “Fight fiction with another fiction. Confuse the enemy. Somewhat surprised the idea comes from a church, though.”

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The Flood of 2016

It came and went without a name, and left devestation in its path. After extensive rain in southern Louisiana, creeks and spillways backed up by the sheer volume of water, and rivers rose to all time record heights, causing flooding in areas that had never seen water near them. On August 13th, the Back to Jerusalem office in Baton Rouge

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October Tour

Brother Yun: Oct 9: Old Historic Chapel Cherry lane Mariemont, OH 45227 Time: 10:30 Contact: Alex Seney (513)739-4925 Mariemont Community Church Parish Center 3908 Plainville Rd Mariemont, OH 45227 Time: 6:00PM Contact: Alex Seney (513)739-4925 Oct 11: The Lighthouse Church 2101 North Walnut St Hartford City, IN 47348 Time: 6PM Contact : (765)331-2222 Oct 15: WNC AG Center Fletcher, NC

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Bibles for North Korea

Back to Jerusalem missionaries are going into North Korea and they are taking Bibles with them. North Korea is a spiritually dark and deprived nation that is closed to the Gospel, but that has not stopped BTJ missionaries from working there for more than ten years. After ten years of experience, one would think that things would get easier, but

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The Forgotten Regions of China

When you think of China, what do you think of? Some think of Chinese writing or the famous Kung Fu movies with Bruce Lee. Others think of Buddhist monks or Red Communist soldiers in Tiananmen Square. Most would never guess that many Chinese natives do not speak the Chinese language, nor would they ever imagine that there are as many

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