Good news from the field!

Aside from many urgent prayer needs that exist in the areas BtJ covers, we also receive encouraging reports about God’s work and breakthroughs of his Kingdom. Not all of these reports can be shared, but those below we want to pass on to encourage all those involved with BtJ’s work in one way or another.

Saved after disaster

At the end of last year there was an earthquake, followed by a tsunami and mudslides in Indonesia. Through our local partners, BtJ was able to quickly start distributing emergency supplies for the affected people. BtJ partners from all over the world contributed, while our Gatekeepers made sure that we could send money right away. However, in situations like this, more than just aid is needed. Teams of local believers provided pastoral care to those grieving the loss of relatives and livelihoods.

Many had questions about God in the face of this disaster. Through the help and care of the believers, several of the affected people wanted to follow Jesus too. Now a Bible study group has started, formed of ex-muslims who came to Christ after this disaster. We give thanks and pray for these new believers!

Free to serve

In another South Asian country, BtJ is involved with a ministry to victims of human trafficing. Some of these former sex slaves have not only become believers, but expressed a desire to become involved with our Dove program, training as Sunday school teachers, and teaching others to do this ministry as well. In spite of the trauma and injustice suffered by these women God’s plan prevails. Formerly forced and abused, they are now free to serve and to pass on the grace they received to others.

Ready to go

Meanwhile, new BtJ workers are continually being trained in several facilities throughout East-Asia. 25 Young Chinese brothers and sisters graduated this month from one of those facilities. They completed courses in evangelism, English and practical skills. Those skills can be used on the field, both to earn an income and to serve the needs of impoverished communities. They will be sent out to different nations within the 10/40 window.

Hungry for the word

Because the church in China is continually growing, and the government is restricting the sale and distribution of Bibles, there are still millions of believers in China who do not have a Bible. This is particularly a problem in rural areas that are difficult to reach by foreign organisations. BtJ has their own printing operations within China and with help from our sponsors, we were able to print and distribute 175 000 Bibles in the last 12 months, many to these hard to reach areas.

We praise God for these reports and for your partnership with us.

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