Good news from China

As many nations move into a dark season of lockdown, fear and economic uncertainty, we would like to share some good news with you. In China, life is slowly returning to normal. Our contacts in different parts of China tell us that shops and restaurants are opening, they are able to leave their homes, and from the far West of China we hear how people are dancing in the parks again, as they used to do before this lockdown.

Although we cannot always trust numbers coming out of China, we can say confidently that things are much better than several weeks ago. We want to thank everyone who has been praying with us for China. Our brothers and sisters in China are now praying for us as we face this pandemic next.

We cannot say for certainty that other countries can beat back this virus in the same way that China has. Every nation chooses their own policies, and some will prove more effective than others. But we can say that it is possible to beat this virus.

China is not fully out of the woods yet. Those returning from abroad often take the virus along and there may be new outbreaks in certain places. But on the whole, we are thankful that the worst seems over for now, that the church has been faithfully serving throughout this crisis and that you have been standing with the people of China in your prayers.

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