God Sends a Storm Pillar to Protect Israel from ISIS

As ISIS leaders are running from the fighting in Iraq, they are fleeing to Syria where the leaders of Israel have been concerned.

ISIS has been eyeing the northern border of Israel and have claimed that they will establish a caliphate in the Levant – including taking over the state of Israel. Fortunately, it seems that God has not abandoned the world’s only Jewish state.

Amidst increasing ISIS activity on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, Israeli soldiers stationed there were in awe as they reported that over the weekend a literal pillar of cloud descended from the sky on the border between ISIS and Israel.

The bizarre storm completely engulfed the Syrian side of the border, but stopped just at the boundary and did not enter Israel. No one would believe it if it were not on camera.

A number of soldiers are seen in the following video capturing the phenomenon on their cellphones.

The video went viral on Facebook, where the Israelis labeled the storm as “divine intervention.”

It is now being reported by all of the main news sources around the world as a “the intervention of God.”

“Huge miracle! Notice how God stopped this enormous storm exactly on the border,” wrote Yifat Romano. “Thank you, Father!”

Netanel Tanaami wondered, “What more do you need to believe?”

“The Creator of the world is protecting us,” proclaimed Nissim Nahoum.

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