Fufu is back, with ‘The Power of Love’

We are exited to announce the sixth book in the series ‘Tales from FuFu’s Forrest’ is now available for purchase.

The new book ‘The Power of Love’ takes us back once again to the mountains of Tibet. A young boy is left in a monastery to be raised a Buddhist monk. He is gifted and studies under many famous teachers in Tibet and abroad.

However, one day he hears the name ‘Jesus’, and sets out to find who he is and why that name is forbidden in the monastery. But becoming a Christian comes at a price. And Tenzin has to learn to love his enemies, like Jesus loved us.

Take your child on another journey into mission and help them understand how God is working around the world. These true missionary stories are told in a fictional Chinese setting. Your child can learn not only about mission, but also about China and even some Chinese words!

There are four more books planned for publication in this series. So, watch this space for number seven! We believe it is important to lay a foundation in children’s lives of trust in God, curiosity about the world and excitement about mission. These books are a tool to achieve that.

With the books, you can order a ‘prayer panda’, a plush version of FuFu, which can be used as a reminder to pray with your child for missionaries around the world.

Please have a brows in our store for deals on children’s books. For the real Fufu fans, we now have a map, so you can see where in the world the stories have taken place.

Have your children outgrown picture books? There is also a grownup version of this story available in our bookstore, which is called ‘Leaving Buddha’ and which tells this story in much more detail.


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