From the Office of BTJ Canada

We here at the BTJ Canada office are working hard to become a non-profit society. What drives us toward this goal? What drives us is our passion to be in partnership with the fastest-growing church in the world, and to participate in the largest missionary movement today! This is the underground church in China, and its Back to Jerusalem movement.

This relationship does not mean we tell the church in China what to do. What we mean by “partnership” is simply that we approach the church and ask them what their needs are, and “how can we help?” From the very beginning BTJ has been about how we can assist, not direct the church in China. We absolutely believe and trust that God has done a great work providing for His vision in and through the Chinese church!

We wish we could tell you that all the paperwork is done, and that we are now a non-profit organization, but these things do take time. What we can tell you is we have launched our new website! Please check in often at, as we are constantly updating the site. You will be able to order the same BTJ items and books that are available on our U.S. website, but in Canadian dollars.

We are pleased to announce we have scheduled a Brother Yun tour, and we will be traveling across Canada to a city near you. We will begin to advertise dates and venues in the next few months on our website, so please check in often and mark the dates on your calendar!

As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our team here at the Canadian office.

Scott Hemenway



  1. maryam2791

    Do you have an office here in Canada?
    I would like to do offerings here in Canada. Please let me know
    Thank you

    1. Will Author

      Yes, please contact Pastor Scott
      He will be able to direct you to giving through the Canadian office

  2. Dean Bauman


    A few years ago Eugene did a podcast detailing China’s Social Credit Score System and how it works. I cannot find that podcast, would you be able to send me a link to it??

    Dean Bauman


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