Four Christians Arrested for Producing Audio Bibles in China

Last month, an electronic company in Shenzhen was raided and four Christians were arrested for making electronic Bibles.

Shenzhen Tree of Life Cultural Communication Co, LTD (深圳市生命树文化传播有限公司) had four employees that were arrested on July 2, 2020 as a part of China’s crack down on production and distribution of Christian materials.

The four Christians arrested were Fu Xuanjuan, Deng Tianyong, Han Li, and Feng Qunhao. Information about their arrest is just now making it out because the police threatened the family of the four Christians, to prevent them from disclosing any information about the case.

The Shenzhen Tree of Life Cultural Communications Company was established in April of 2011 and never really tried to hide their desire to make audio Bibles for the market. Tree of Life openly described their mission statement as, “To develop advanced multimedia digital terminals and communication technology products with independent intellectual property rights. Relying on Shenzhen’s mature industrial chain in the field of digital high-tech and meeting global demand, we work to enrich cultural life of people and contribute to the value of foreign exchange through export. We are committed to the dissemination of biblical culture, we can provide suitable content according to our customer needs, such as hymns or classic sermons, etc. At present, we have established good relationships with many influential churches and bookstores, institutions and agents at home and abroad.”

This company has openly and legally operated for nine years, but this year China is significantly increasing persecution on Christian activity – both legal and non-legal.

The four Christians are being held at the Jiuwei Detention House in Shenzhen. Their families and lawyers are prohibited from revealing any information about the case.

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