Food Shortages in North Korea Leading to Large Official Purchases of Dog Meat

Due to extreme food shortages in North Korea, the government is resorting to strange ways to fill the gaps. According to a report by the Daily NK, Government officials in North Korea are buying up dogs from around the country to supply meat to restaurants, in the capital city of Pyongyang.

The government directive ordered officials to buy up dogs 15 kilograms or larger and send them to Pyongyang. 720 kg of dog meat has already been sent to Pyongyang. The government does not have money to pay for the dogs, so they are promising coupons for extra rice and Chinese imported oil as a form of payment by October 10.

BTJ team members in North Korea are reporting severe food shortages in the country. Because North Korea is a Communist nation, citizens are not paid for their work by a private employer. Instead, all the profits go to the government and the government supplies food for the people. However, many citizens throughout the country have not received their monthly food rations for more than three months.

The government is running out of money, food, and resources. Dog meat and rabbit meat are two common sources of protein in North Korea, but are growing harder and harder to come by.

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