Flash Floods Kill More than 100 in Afghanistan

Northern Afghanistan has been pounded by torrential rains in the last 48 hours; at least 100 people have died in flash flooding in Northern Afghanistan, officials say.

In the dark hours of Wednesday morning, flash flooding struck the city of Charikar, while most residents were still in their beds sleeping. More than 500 houses were destroyed in a matter of minutes. In the darkness and confusion, many families did not know what was happening and drowned.

The death toll continues to rise, as rescue workers search through the rubble of destroyed buildings looking for survivors.

This month, BTJ sent aid to Afghanistan. This is our first month working in Afghanistan and we are excited to partner with secret believers that are on the ground there. BTJ has not raised funds for our work in Afghanistan, but are able to provide support because of our GateKeepers.

GateKeepers are supporters who stand with the underground church in China. To learn more simply click here.

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