Female Police Officer Rescues Woman Falsely Accused of Blasphemy from Angry Mob

Last month, a woman was saved by a female police officer from an angry mob in Pakistan, who accused her of blasphemy.

The incident took place at a restaurant in Lahore. As the woman sat to eat her meal, individuals in the restaurant began to accuse her of wearing blasphemous clothing. Her dress was covered in multi-coloured Arabic calligraphy with the word “Halwa” which means pretty, but the mob thought it was verses from the Koran. They became enraged.

By the time the police officers arrived, there were at least 300 people gathered outside the restaurant, with some calling for her to be lynched.

The female police officer bravely made her way through the angry mob, placed a black robe and gold headscarf over the woman and escorted her to safety. She was taken to the police station where religious scholars examined her dress and confirmed the woman’s innocence.

In Pakistan, blasphemy is still punishable by death. False blasphemy cases continue on a regular basis, with many of the accused not even able to attend their own trials.

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