EXCLUSIVE REPORT: Iran Agents Put Tracking Devices on Bibles to Find Secret Church Meetings

In an exclusive interview, one of our partners shared that Iranian officials have implemented a new way to find underground house churches in Iran.

BTJ is writing an explosive new book about the first Iranian former Muslim believer to ever be arrested for his faith after the Islamic Revolution in 1979. He is also the first Iranian Christian to be sentenced to death for his belief in Jesus Christ. During the private interview, it was revealed that Iran uses a special tactic to search out and identify secret gatherings of Christian believers.

Bible smugglers have been bribing border guards to get their Bibles into the country from bordering nations,” Reza said (not his real name). The Iranian border guards have been pretending to help, but really, they are like double agents.”

According to Reza, Iranian border guards put small tracking devices on Bibles being smuggled into the country and follow the Bibles to their final destination.

Over 200 people were arrested as a result of this tactic,” Reza explained.

Iran has a huge need for Bibles. At the BTJ board meeting in Krakow, Poland, last month, Brother Yun and the BTJ board were presented with the new Iranian Bible that has gone into print for the believers inside. Please continue to pray for the believers in Iran, as they face increasing persecution from the government.

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