Don Richardson finishes his race

BTJ is saddened by the news of our friend, Don Richardson’s home-going on December 23, 2018.
Most anyone in missions these days has been influenced by the life and ministry of Don.  We at BTJ are no exception.
As one who joyfully laid down his life for the Gospel of Christ, we are honored to have known and worked with Don. He wrote ‘Eternity in Their Hearts’ (1981), the most influential book I’ve ever read, and one that impacts much of my writing today.
A couple other mentions from his tremendous legacy include his book, Peace Child (1974) and his service to the Sawi, a cannibalistic, head-hunting tribe of New Guinea. He was also one of the people who developed the ‘Perspectives‘ course on mission, which has been used to train countless missionaries over the past decades. Don’s life impacted more people than we will know this side of heaven.

Time spent with Don has always been precious and left a great impact. Most recently, we were blessed to collaborate with him on the Chasing Revival project. His input and presence with us was priceless.

People like Don Richardson call us higher in the Kingdom, deeper into the heart of God, and wider in our reach for those who don’t yet know Him. Thank you, Don, for passing this baton so faithfully on.  We grab onto it, and will continue to run the race with joy!

2 thoughts on “Don Richardson finishes his race”

  1. Wow… well, I’m sorry to see him go but I’m so glad for his sake that he is now in Paradise… His book “Eternity in their hearts” was of tremendous help to me after university. The second christian university I transfered to was very spiritually difficult to deal with. I went in solid in my faith and came out in a whirlwind of confusion… The two books that cleared up all of my doubts and confusion were the Bible and “Eternity in their hearts”. And now I am very grateful for the privilege of being able to serve the Lord full time in an evangelistic/revival music ministry.

    May God bless and comfort all of Don”s family.

  2. jackie Mhlanga [Mr.]

    As much as his passing is a loss to all of us, but, what more could I possibly be asking for? As I write this, I am sitting with two [2] of his Works – Eternity In Their Hearts and Peacechild, that I have fully translated into IsiZulu. What a blessing the Ambassador has been to Mankind!!!

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