Do You Speak English? We Desperately Need Your Help in Iraq

Back to Jerusalem has been supporting Barbara White and the Dream Center in northern Iraq for several years. The work that Barbara has done in the war torn area of Kurdistan in Iraq has been phenomenal, but now she is calling out for help from the Christian community.

The Dream Center has been serving refugees who were displaced by ISIS attacks. They have helped the people of Iraq by teaching English, helping with government certification and advancement, and job placement. The Dream Center has given hope to so many and now they need volunteers.

“We have started teaching English online,” Barbara explains on a recent podcast with Back to Jerusalem, but the Dream Center has been overwhelmed with the need. Desperate students from Mosul, Sinjar, and Dohuk have signed up for the classes during the coronavirus lock-down, but Barbara does not have enough teachers to handle the sudden increase.

Would you like more information? Listen to this podcast where Barbara shares in detail about the school, the needs, and who she is looking for.

Episode 538: Urgent Help Needed In Iraq



The Dream Center is making a difference and now is the time for Christians to join together with Barbara to provide hope during a time of need.

If you can speak English, have a computer with decent Internet connection, and can give an hour or two of your week – we need you!  It is easier than you think.  A class of Iraqi students are waiting on you.  Ministry in Iraq has never been this convenient.

If you would simply like to see what it is like and speak with the students during one of their classes, Barbara is giving this opportunity to you as well.  This introduction time will allow you to meet with the amazing students and will give you an opportunity to see how God is moving in Iraq.

Please visit the website for more information or send an email to

The support for Barbara would not be possible without the help of BTJ GateKeepers.  BTJ GateKeepers are believers that deeply believe in the BTJ vision and partner with the underground house church vision on a monthly basis.  To learn more about being a GateKeeper, click here.

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