Do You Have Chinese Friends? This Will Help You Share the Gospel Even if You Do Not Speak Chinese

China is the most populated nation on earth and many Chinese leave China for other countries looking for work, education and investment opportunities. It is highly likely that you will find yourself communicating with someone from China at some point in your life. This could be one of the greatest opportunities for you to share the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Evangelism is illegal in China and the Communist Party has created a hostile environment for sharing the Good News, but when Chinese are traveling in other nations, they are often open to new ideas and concepts about the world.

If you find yourself conversing with someone from China and feel the desire to share the Gospel message and are not certain how to do it, here is one simple idea – share a video for them to watch later.

Asia Harvest, a Chinese ministry focusing on preaching the Good News in China and Asia, has just posted The Heavenly Man in Chinese.  The videos are in a series of chapters that can be easily played in order.

The Heavenly Man is the powerful true story of Brother Yun, an evangelist from China. In this best selling book, Brother Yun simply shares his own personal testimony of how he personally came to Christ. His story has been an effective tool for leading many Chinese to Christ and is now yours to share for free.

YouTube is blocked in China, but can be played while they are traveling outside of China.



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