The following is a true story that takes place between the famous Welsh missionary, Griffith John, and a local Chinese in the 1800s:

One strange day while walking up and down the streets in China with some Gospel tracts in my hands, I was stopped by a respectable-looking man who wanted to know if I had any new books. I showed him the books I had, one by one, and I had a great variety.

“I have all these. Have you any new books?”

“Wait a bit,” I said; “here is an interesting little book, I don’t think you have read this.”

It was a strange story, a little mystical, that the Chinese loved. It was a story about a terrible red dwarf. I knew that it would interest him. It interested most Chinese.

He looked at the book and said, with a smile: “Oh yes, I have, I know all about it. It is a very good book.”

I wasn’t sure I believed him. “What does it talk about?” I asked.

“Oh,” he said, “it talks about this.” He stuck out his tongue and held it out like a monster.

And he was right! The little book that I held in my hand was none other than a translation of Mark Guy Pearse’s “Terrible Red Dwarf.”

That is a typical case for this book. I frequently encountered Chinese who were moved by the story of this strange little book that told the Gospel story in the most interesting way.

More than twenty years ago this book found its way into a waste-paper basket and was being carried away along with other written paper, to be consigned to the furnace. A shopkeeper of the place, Mr. Chang, caught sight of it and rescued it from destruction. He took it home and read it carefully.

You see, Mr. Chang already possessed a New Testament which he had purchased some time before, but finding he could not understand it, he laid it aside. However, after reading the tract, he understood the meaning of the Bible’s words better and this led to his conversion.

He joined the church in Tehngan in 1886 and in 1889, he had the joy of seeing nine new believers baptised in his own house!

This book that has led so many to Christ in China in the 1800s has been lost, UNTIL NOW.

Instead of handing out only candy on Halloween or disengaging completely, why not invade the enemy’s holiday and buy a few of these books to give out to children along with candy, so that they might know the name of Jesus?

The book, THE TERRIBLE RED DWARF, is available now. You can click below to buy the ebook, or search it on Amazon to buy the print book.

The Terrible Red Dwarf (eBook)


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