DingDash a new Social Media

Social media has somehow crept its way into our everyday lives. With it, we document what we eat, where we go, how we communicate, and all our habits and interests. While we let our guards down and go about living, these parasitic platforms silently are observing, collecting, and selling every move we make.

In forfeiting our privacy, we have given these purveyors of social media tremendous power. Some countries are already using this information to control their people!

This is why we started DingDash.com. DingDash is a social media platform where you can be you, live your life, and never have to look over your shoulder. We’ll never collect or sell any of your information. We don’t police the content, there are no ads, and you can control what you want to see. At DingDash, you are truly free!

DingDash is also unique in that the community is primarily made up of persecuted believers from around the world that you will be able to connect with, pray for, and be inspired by. Sign up today!


  1. Leonie Kotze

    This is wonderfull news, like to be part of it!

  2. Jonathan Heller

    I am glad to have found this. I didn’t even know that DingDash existed before now.


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