Death Toll in Turkey Continues to Climb

Stories are coming in from the affected areas in Turkey. Friends in Malatya in Eastern Turkey are asking for prayer. People ran out of their buildings with bare feet or just in their pajamas. For most, their apartment blocks collapsed behind them or they are now too unstable to enter. That means people have no way to get their shoes, clothing, blankets, or any other supplies.

Many families are now huddled together in abandoned city buses, vans and cars if they are lucky enough. Many are staying outside. During the day, the temperature was minus 10 Celsius (14 Fahrenheit) and during the night it is expected to get much colder. This is also dangerous for the many still trapped under the rubble.

Relatives in other areas of the country and across the world are staying up tonight to call their affected relatives every hour, so they don’t fall asleep and freeze to death. The bridges that give access to the city are destroyed. Our friend had not seen one aid worker from outside the city. The local hospital is destroyed.

Our friends ask for prayers that help may arrive before the exposure and shortage of supplies takes more lives. They also pray for peace and against looting, which is a real risk now that many shops are damaged and there is widespread chaos.

It is not over yet. Aftershocks are still causing more of the damaged buildings to collapse and the recovery work is dangerous. Please pray for help to arrive soon to these cut off areas.

Also, our emergency fund is open and our local teams are buying supplies to take to the affected areas. Please keep them in your prayers too and donate where you can!

Disaster Relief

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