DAY TWELVE: Teaching North Koreans How to Pray (30 Days of Prayer for North Korea)

Several Christian missionaries from China have left their homeland and are now living and serving in North Korea. One such missionary named Jasmine (not her real name), had been working together with a group of workers on a compound by a lake. She looked for opportunities every day to share the Gospel. 

One day she saw an opportunity. “It had been raining so badly inside North Korea that we could not get any work done. I told one of the workers I would pray for it to stop raining. When I prayed for it to stop raining, it stopped.”

The North Koreans were so amazed at the power of Jasmine’s prayers. They were used to hearing about the miracles associated with prayers that were lifted up the Great Leader, but those prayers were mainly useless and powerless. They didn’t really change anything. They were only stories told by the regime to be believed by children, but no one had actually ever seen any miracles take place from praying to the Great Leader. 

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Day 12: Teaching North Koreans How to Pray



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