DAY 25: Sister Grace He

The Back to Jerusalem vision is not a new vision. It was birthed in the hearts of Chinese believers in the early 1900s. One of the first groups to catch the vision was the Back to Jerusalem Evangelistic Band. Sister Grace He, one of its original members, passed away in January 2014. Here is a shortened version of her personal testimony:

“When I was about fifteen years old I had a very vivid vision of a map and on that map was a large sea with a tiny boat. The sea was roaring and the boat was being tossed about. The tiny boat was at the mercy of the gusting winds and tempest. “That tiny boat is you,” a voice said to me. “Me?” I asked. Immediately I was filled with fear and began to pray. “Dear Heavenly Father, I pray for your protection. Don’t remove me from your safety and peace.” I was praying, but I still felt fear.

I was praying in the way that I had been taught. My mother prompted us to pray every evening. She taught us exactly how to pray and what to say. If we prayed incorrectly, my mother would stop us and tell us that bad things would happen if we didn’t pray the correct way, so I naturally had fear when I prayed to God as a young girl.

I continued to pray and said, “Lord, I am afraid.” Even as I prayed I could see the boat being tossed by the sea and it was adding to my fear. “Dear Lord, look at me.” And I could hear Him telling me to give my life over to him. “Lord, you know that since I was little I have prayed to you and have always followed you. What are you talking about? I am not a bad person. I am a good person who is following you and praying to you.” But the Lord spoke and said, “I knew your mother, but I don’t know you.”

God was not satisfied with my prayers alone. I was a sinner who prayed, not a believer who sinned. My heart had never been washed clean. I prayed the way that I had been taught out of fear, but not out of acknowledgement of God’s deliverance. I really didn’t think that I had any sin to be forgiven of.

“I am a sinner,” I said, out of amazement. At that moment, I was forced to examine my heart. I cried out, “Dear God, I had never thought about it before. I have never confessed my sins to you. I have never personally asked you to come into my heart. Lord, forgive me.” I confessed my sins to Him and a powerful joy filled my soul. I felt clean and free and couldn’t stop giggling with joy. After I prayed, I ran and told my Bible teacher, “Teacher! Teacher! I am filled with joy. Look at me. The Lord has forgiven me of my sins. I have been forgiven of my sins.”

“Of course you have,” he responded flippantly. “NO! NO! You don’t understand. Now I am REALLY clean. I am no longer a fake. Before I had never really asked for forgiveness of my sins, but now it is different. I am clean. Now that God has come into my heart, I no longer have fear.” I never prayed the same after that day.”

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