Cross-cultural marriage wisdom from Myles Weiss

Those of you who follow BTJ podcasts, will be familiar with Myles Weiss. Among other things, he is involved in the ‘Wall to wall’ podcasts, giving his view of developments in God’s kingdom from Jerusalem.

A Jewish boy from New York, Myles became a believer after meeting Katherine, a California girl with a Catholic background who had come to Christ shortly before they met. They set out together on an extraordinary cross-cultural marriage adventure that took them all over the world, serving churches and preaching the gospel.

Their new book ‘When heaven hits home, ancient wisdom for today’s couples’ brings together their unique background in counselling, pastoring and mission, as well as ancient Jewish wisdom on the topic of marriage.

Myles and Katherine did not have an easy ride and they share some of the struggles of 33 years of growing together. But the focus is how being reconciled to God can open the way to be reconciled back to each other.

The book is ready to pre-order at the website of ‘When heaven hits home’. If you want to know more about the ministry of Myles and Katherine, you can visit their ministry base online at House of Peace. 

Click here if you want to listen tot Myles and Eugene discussing the new book in the BTJ podcast!

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