The Museum of Forbidden Art Opened in Europe, Christians Attacked, BUT the Most Forbidden Art Work is Missing

The Museum of Forbidden Art opened in Barcelona last week, but one exhibit is clearly missing.

The new museum announced they are devoted to artworks that have been censored. It has 42 works by artists around the world that have been denounced, attacked or removed from exhibition. However, there is one of the most censored art works in recent history that cannot be found at the Museum of Forbidden Art. It was censored. It was forbidden. But it is missing.

It seems the forbidden drawings of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad will not be at the Museum of Forbidden Art.

None of the forbidden exhibits on display even remotely attack Islam or the Prophet Muhammad, although there is one exhibit that depicts women’s high heels on Islamic prayer rugs, it can still be considered more respectful to Muslims than the ones on display connected to Christian iconology.

The most famous forbidden art in recent history however, the drawings of Muhammad published by Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, are missing.

BTJ reached out to the Museum for a response on the missing drawings and they have expressed their desire to locate the drawings and seem keen to add them if they can find them.  Lidia Penelo, of the Museum of Forbidden Art, responded, “As mentioned, these drawings are likely the most censored work globally, and we have acquired other censored works as well.” She said in her email to BTJ, “While Mr. Benet initially collected items other than illustrations and publications, he always expressed an interest in cartoons, which we struggled to locate.” 

Christians are the most persecuted people group in the world with 13 Christians dying every day for their faith in Jesus Christ. Many of them are killed by Muslims living in Islamic countries.  Jesus promised that His disciples would suffer for His name’s sake, but we should “consider it all joy.'” – James 1:2-4


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