Covid-19 Has Benefited North Korea in One Major Way

Covid-19 might have brought an amazing gift to the people of North Korea – homeschooling!

The new spring semester has started for the children of North Korea and the government has decided not to bring the children back to school. Instead, they will be learning from home.

To help with education program, the privileged children in the capital city of Pyongyang will be learning with the aid of computers. This is a massive shift in the regulations of a nation that does not allow many people to have access to a computer.

The students will not have access to the world-wide web, but instead will receive their assignments via a USB device. The government has reported that there are enough notebook computers for the students in middle school. This is a level of individualism that has not been seen or experienced for over a generation and would not be possible without the fear of the spreading virus.

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