Chinese Hacker Arrested in the Largest BOTNET Take Down in History

A Chinese hacker was arrested in the largest botnet fraud case ever. Law enforcement officials said Yunhe Wang, a Chinese citizen, was able to evade being caught for about a decade, in which time he stole almost one hundred million dollars. He was able to steal money by using identity theft, child exploitation and financial fraud, including pandemic relief scams.

The U.S. Department of Justice quoted FBI Director Christopher Wray as saying Wednesday that the “911 S5” botnet — a network of malware-infected computers in nearly 200 countries — was likely the world’s largest.

Yunhe Wang was arrested in Singapore in a joint effort between officials in the United States, Singapore, Thailand, and Germany. The State Department reports do not indicate that China was any help, which might be why Mr. Wang was arrested outside of China.

Mr. Wang is known to use his ill-gotten gains to invest in China, but it is not known yet whether any of his attacks focused on China citizens or only on citizens outside of China.

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