Chinese authorities remove cross from church on Easter day

Easter is the celebration of the ultimate victory of the Son of God over sin and death. No wonder it is also a target for forces that oppose him to try to intimidate the church.

The terror attacks in Sri Lanka are one horrendous example. Another example is China’s continued efforts to erase visible signs of Christianity from the country. China Aid reported that on Easter morning, Christians in Linyi, Shandong Province watched the cross being taken off their roof with a heavy crane. The church had previously faced arrests of its leaders, confiscation of its property and had been visited by a armed SWAT team of a hundred strong.

The report mentioned how the church had been praised in the past for the positive influence it had in the community. Unfortunately, being a positive influence is not a sure protection against persecution. The cross will always be a stumbling block to the world.

While another church building lost its cross, the power of the cross of Jesus keeps changing lives in China, bringing healing and joy to millions. May those in authority in China see it and repent, as we stand with our brothers and sisters in prayer that they will be faithful and strong.


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  1. Sonia maria dos Santos

    Minha oração eh q os chineses continue firme no Senhor Jesus pra q mais vidas sejam alcançada pelo evangelho. Li o livro do irmão yun fiquei impactada como eles chineses são fiel a Jesus na dor.

    Translation: My prayer is that the Chinese remain steadfast in the Lord Jesus for more lives to be attained by the Gospel.I read the book of Brother Yun I was impacted as they Chinese are faithful to Jesus in pain.


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