China’s New Idea To Help Fight Covid – Flight Crews Wear Diapers

China’s aviation regulator has brand new recommendations to help fight the spread of Covid-19. These regulations include cabin crew wearing adult diapers on flights to avoid using the bathroom in high risk areas.

According to a new 38-page list of guidelines for Chinese airlines in high risk zones, bathrooms can be an easy location to pick up germs which can lead to a Covid-19 infection. In order to avoid unnecessary surface contact, China is advising that cabin crews wear adult diapers on their flights. At this time disposable diapers, though recommended, are not yet mandatory.

Cabin crew members are also advised to wear masks, safety goggles, rubber gloves, a disposable hair covering, a disposable clothing cover, and disposable shoe coverings.

Since the pandemic started, many have argued that it is selfish for people to not wear a mask in public because they are contributing to spreading Covid-19. Maybe the new argument is that it is selfish for people to not wear a diaper when going out for the same reason?

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