China Wants Everyone Listening To Communist Teachings – You Will NOT BELIEVE How They Plan to Make it Happen

During the pandemic, more people have decided to drive instead of fly to their destination. China is a massive country – bigger than the continental United States, and driving on long trips has led to a massive uptick in people listening to podcasts in their cars. China has sat up and taken notice and they have a plan to capitalize on it.

China’s largest car maker is planning to launch a brand new program to teach President Xi Jinping Thought to drivers as they drive their cars. SAIC Motor and Banma’s AI subsidiary, Banma Zhixing, have joined hands to launch the program by July 1st.

With only the push of a button, drivers will hear the official teachings of Communist Party thought. These teachings are already available in audio format for anyone to download on their phone and listen to as they drive across country, but installing it directly in the automobile will make it more “accessible.”

In the early days of Communism, China had speakers mounted in every community so that the teachings of the Party could be blasted into the streets and everyone would be forced to listen. It worked very much like the Muslim call to prayer in Islamic nations. Today, those speakers are still there and play the Chinese anthem every morning.

That message just got a 2021 upgrade. Now, every automobile produced by China’s largest auto maker will ensure the correct teaching is listened to on those long road trips.

BTJ’s podcast will sadly not be installed into every vehicle manufactured in China this year, but it is available for free by clicking on

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