People in China woke up this morning noticing that the nation of Israel is no longer on the map.

Chinese internet users searching for Israel on China’s Baidu map will be taken to the correct region of the world, but the name is gone. Neighbors like Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Cyprus are all on the map, but Israel is not. The city of Jerusalem is on the map, but the nation of Israel is not labeled.

This is especially concerning because China has been drawing their own maps lately in a way that has infuriated their Asian neighbors. China’s maps have been redrawn to include new ocean territory, parts of India, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Recently, BTJ missionaries were rejected entry into the Philippines because the government of the Philippines refuses to legitimize the new passport of China which includes a map of Philippine territory.

“It is almost impossible for Chinese to get a visa to the Philippines right now,” said one of the BTJ missionary workers last month. “Not even China’s largest travel company, C-Trip, can arrange a visa for Chinese to go to the Philippines without a lot of bureaucratic requirements that make it next to impossible to get.”

BTJ shares about the relationship between China and Israel in our book CHINA AND END TIME PROPHECY.

The relationship between China and Israel has been in decline since the attacks of Hamas on October 7th. Things came to a head in an extremely rare one-on-one UN dispute between the delegations from Israel and China.

China and End-Time Prophecy


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