China Legal Expert Advocates Death Penalty for Covid-19 Regulation Violators

A China legal expert has advocated the death penalty for those who violate China’s rigid Covid-19 regulations.

Zhao Cong, a lawyer from Beijing, told CCTV reporters that if suspected patients cause the spread of the coronavirus by contacting others in violation of covid-19 rules, then, according to China’s “Emergency Response Law” and “Public Security Management Penalty Law,” they may be guilty of criminally endangering public safety, constituting a crime with a death penalty sentence.

Wang Benjin, deputy secretary of the Party Committee and spokesperson of the Beijing Municipal Health Supervision Institute, said, “Those who refuse to cooperate with epidemic prevention management and deliberately conceal travel history, contact history, and close contact history will be held accountable.”

This comes after a new outbreak of the coronavirus in Beijing, putting the city on high alert. Despite rigid draconian rules in China’s strive for a zero-tolerance approach to Covid-19, Beijing is still experiencing an outbreak ahead of the Winter Olympics.

Most recently, a father and son concealed their history of being in high-risk areas of China when they returned to Beijing. When they were discovered to have not reported their travel and not having adhered to quarantine rules, they were arrested by the Beijing police. Many Chinese are reluctant to report their travel because of their work and financial obligations, but China is showing less and less tolerance to free spirits.

This statement comes on the back of Shanghai Disney Land taking extreme measures and locking 34,000 people inside the park this week. While guests were waiting for rides, taking pictures with characters, and watching the fireworks, the staff were quietly locking all of the exit gates to prevent anyone from leaving. A day at Disney turned into a nightmare as everyone at the park had to be tested for Covid-19 before leaving. It turns out that no one tested positive, but that still did not stop the government from requiring everyone to adhere to a 2-day quarantine and additional testing. If they tested positive – off to government quarantine camp they would go – along with anyone who had been in contact with them.

China has taken strict measures to prepare for the Beijing Olympics, including:

  • Conducting check points on roads leaving and entering Beijing
  • Shutting down pharmacies to prevent secret self-treatment of Covid-19 symptoms
  • Setting up more government quarantine camps
  • Implementing longer, stricter, larger lock downs
  • Arresting covid-19 restriction violators

And now, it seems that China might be introducing another tactic – the death penalty. Let’s pray that this threat is never used against the Chinese people.

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