China Investing in Young Male Students to Counter the “Feminization of Men”

While the west is focusing on stripping young boys of their “toxic masculinity,” China is taking a different approach and encouraging the education system to embrace and invest in a boy’s masculinity.

According to a directive issued by China’s Education Ministry, schools should take measures to actively counter modern culture’s plan to feminize young men and boys. The plan is titled, “Proposal on Preventing the Feminization of Men” and presents four primary steps that should be taken by schools to invest in young males:

  1.  Strengthen tools for physical education and raise standards for male competition.
  2.  Strengthen the structure of physical education for males with graduation certificates only given to those who can successfully complete physical fitness standards.
  3.  Intensify health education so that males have an understanding of what they need to be physically and mentally healthy.
  4.  Increase research in a five year plan on empirical evidence of male development and the impact of society and social role models.

Even though Communism is paramount in China today, Chinese culture still adheres to the ancient ideas of balancing the Yin and Yang, which is a concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite forces are not in conflict with one another but are complementary.

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