China Declares War on Elon Musk’s STARLINK

China is gearing up to launch a massive number of satellites to “suppress” Elon Musk’s Starlink system, according to recent reports.

China’s Space Engineering University, an essential arm operating under the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, have published a paper proposing countermeasures to the Starlink Internet system. The Chinese project, initially reported on by the South China Morning Post, is code-named ‘GW’, and would provide internet services, spy on rival networks and essentially carry out aggressive anti-Starlink missions.

Starlink has spooked the Chinese government after watching its quick deployment in Ukraine, shortly after the Russian invasion last year. Russia was able to shut down the Ukrainian Internet system, but were helpless against Elon’s Starlink.

Starlink has also been essential in giving a voice to the Iranian protestors that have been attacked and suppressed by the government and is why BTJ has been helping Iranians obtain the devices and smuggle them into the country.

China has the world’s most infamous firewall system, nicknamed “The Great Firewall,” and has been a center piece of their persecution against Christians by blocking access to Bibles, prohibiting Christian materials, and filtering online meetings. Elon’s Starlink bypasses the Great Firewall in a way that makes the Communist Party very uneasy, which is why they are currently developing methods to use lasers or high-power microwaves to disrupt or destroy the network of satellites with Starlink.


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