Children’s Prayers for the Persecuted Church are Priceless

Today we received this beautiful picture from a child with a prayer for the church in China. To us, this is more than a cute picture of a child who is processing his Sunday school lesson, because the prayers of a righteous person are powerful and effective (James 5:16). And no age limit is given with this verse.

When teaching the Bible to children, we can easily fall in the trap of making it all about them. How can they be forgiven, how can they live a righteous life, how can they find strength in difficult times, and so on. Although all of this is incredibly important, we deprive our children of purpose if we limit salvation to their personal experience.

Children who follow Jesus are part of a Kingdom without geographic borders. As children of the King, they all have their place and purpose in this kingdom to help it grow and bring healing and freedom to the nations. Their personal salvation is not the end goal, but the beginning of a life as a disciple of Jesus, a life stamped by the Great Commission. How could we not include them in this joyful purpose of seeing salvation come to the world?

If you are wondering how you can prepare your child for a life in service of the gospel, we have a few things that might help. For young children, we have our Fufu series, books where fictional characters tell true mission stories. The books take children on a journey into the world of missions and make them familiar with the persecuted church. Not to frighten them, but to teach them that God is powerful and can be trusted in all circumstances. There are now eight books in this series, and you can order them from our store.

For older children, tweens and up, we have a free mission course ‘Mission 10/40’ which can be used by Sunday schools, youth groups and in home school situations. It is designed to teach older children and teenagers about missions, cultures, persecution, unreached nations, and how they can become involved in making Jesus known. You can download it here:

We want many more children and young people to start praying for missions and discover the privilege of being part of the worldwide church, where God has a purpose just for them.

Children’s 6 Book Bundle

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