Chasing Revival

A Road Trip Bible Study

Why does revival matter? Why would anyone want to experience it? Isn’t it enough to be saved and know that we have been given eternal salvation? Does revival make us any more saved? Does revival give us bonus points? 

Maybe there is something more to be found in revival than mere salvation.

This year, BTJ is offering the first Bible study ever that follows the history of revival from beginning to end. From the Mount of Olives to the return of Christ.

This is a road trip Bible study that includes a 61-day devotional, a nine part video series, and a work book, and all of it can be downloaded on to your phone, tablet, or computer.

Unlike other Bible studies, this one is NOT written with absolute answers to complicated questions. Neither is it written with leading questions that arrive at predestined answers that have been previously mapped out. Instead, it is a delicate quest that lead to a six-year, around-the-world journey tracing the footsteps of revival.

Spoon-fed Bible scriptures, easy-cheesy group questions, quick flashy bumper-sticker answers, and back-to-life-as-usual are not what this Bible study aspires to produce. Sit down, buckle up, and take an epic journey that has never been made before and follow the revival fires around the world from Jerusalem all the way Back to Jerusalem.

You can check your bleeding-heart feelings used to interpret Scripture, your modern socially compatible theories, and your culturally tainted theology at the door, because the raw history that will present itself in this study demands that we acknowledge that our God is bigger than our meager concepts and that revival is more powerful and earth-shattering than we can begin to comprehend.

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Chasing Revival: A Road Trip Bible Study

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