Caught on Video! Gov Official Announces To Villagers Their Cross Will be Taken Down

Last Sunday morning, on July 12, local villagers in China’s Anhui Province gathered outside to hear an announcement by a local official from Huai Nan. The message was simple and to the point – the church building’s cross would be removed.

According to a recent Facebook video shared by a priest known as Liu Yi yesterday, the official village church would no longer be allowed to be marked with a cross, in accordance with a policy that is being played out all over China.


Anhui is one of the provinces of China that has been hit by revival the hardest. Hundreds of thousands of new believers can be found in villages throughout the rural province. Two major underground house church networks come from Anhhui Province, known simply as Truth Network and Grace Network. These two underground house church networks arguably send out more missionaries into the 10/40 window than any other network in China.

We write extensively about the underground house church movement in Anhui Province in our book Underground Church. The book can be purchased here.

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