Beijing’s Message to the WHO – Let China Run the World’s Vaccine Passport Program

As people around the world continue to get the COVID-19 vaccination, China is pushing for a worldwide plan to create a vaccination verification passport that will allow for travel again. China is asking the WHO to let them run the program. China has created its own vaccine passport that will show travelers’ vaccination status, as well as any relevant test

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Honest Discussion: Is the Arrest of Canadian Pastor the Same as Persecution We See in China❓

Last month, a pastor from Alberta, Canada, stirred up a lot of debate when he was imprisoned for refusing to comply with public health orders during the pandemic. The pastor’s imprisonment has not gone unnoticed by BTJ supporters who are asking if there is a connection between the reason why he was arrested and why pastors are arrested in China.

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The Heroes That Stopped ISIS-linked Suicide Bombers Blowing up Church on Palm Sunday

A bloody suicide bombing attack marked Palm Sunday in the world’s most populated Muslim nation yesterday. The attack happened outside of Sacred Heart of Jesus Cathedral as worshippers were leaving from a Palm Sunday service at the beginning of Holy Week. Palm Sunday commemorates Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem before His crucifixion at Passover. “We see that there are victims

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