People With Low Social Credit Scores Have Photo Shown At Movie Theaters

The Chinese social scoring system has a new twist: if you have a low social credit score, then you are deemed by the government as untrustworthy. Untrustworthy individuals with low social credit scores are journalists who write unfavorable things about the government, or they are people who do not pay their bills. Christians also have low social credit scores and

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Churches in China Stop Online Services to Encourage Face-to-Face Fellowship

Four churches in Foshan, China’s Guangdong Province, have just canceled their online meetings. They are meeting in person again. According to official government reports, Liyusha Church, Shiwan Church in Chancheng District, Shengping Church and Jinsha Church have all opened their doors and are resuming person-to-person fellowship and worship. All four fellowships suspended their online services to encourage believers to fellowship

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DEADLY SILENCE: More Women and Children Slaughtered Again in Nigerian Christian Area

Warning! This article has graphic photos and is not recommended for children under the age of 18 or individuals who are easily disturbed. Gunmen suspected to be Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked and killed several people, including women and children, on Monday in Kukum Daji village of the Kaduna State. According to the pictures posted on social media by account name

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