Hair Harvested from Chinese Labor Camp Bound for American Consumer

On Wednesday, 13 tons of human hair from a Chinese labor camp was confiscated by US Border Patrol, according to recent reports. Shipping containers full of hair weaves and other beauty accessories, worth about $800,000 USD, were found in the shipment. The hair is said to have originated from Xinjiang re-education camps, officially called Vocational Education and Training Centers by

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Shots Fired! India Takes First Step to Officially Block Chinese Phone Apps

Chinese companies have long been using both hardware and software to monitor Christians. BTJ has had to take several steps to counteract these monitoring measures. Many BTJ pastors refuse to travel with a phone altogether because of the security risks. Several governments around the world are quickly learning what BTJ missionaries have known for a while – Chinese products most

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Lightning Kills 107 People in One Day in India’s Most Persecuted Region

At least 107 people were killed by lightning bolts in India over the weekend, in the eastern state of Bihar and northern state of Uttar Pradesh. Dozens more were injured, officials said. Lightning strikes happen in India, but not like this. Bihar’s disaster management minister, Lakshmeshwar Rai, said this was one of the highest daily tolls from lightning that the

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Spiritual? Extreme Weather Plagues China

OK. This is starting to feel spiritual. Disease, pandemics, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes have all hit China this week. Where to even start? Coronavirus Shaped Hail Storm? A hailstorm hit Beijing this week – in the shape of the coronavirus. The hail storm started during a traditional Chinese event called the ‘Dragon Boat Festival.’ The hail stones started off small,

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