NOW the Chinese Government is Using Social Media to Restrict Food Consumption

China said it would draft a response plan for ensuring food security in 2020, as it worried about the disruptions to the agriculture supply chains from the global pandemic and from constant plagues that have been ravaging the nation. It turns out that plan included social media. China’s President revealed on Tuesday that things are about to get really bad.

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China’s President Makes Shocking Revelation That Things Are Getting Really Bad

China’s President just made a shocking announcement, revealing that things are about to get really bad in China. On Tuesday, President Xi Jinping made an official announcement that was published by state media, urging Chinese citizens to not waste food in order for the country to maintain a sense of crisis about food security. China’s President Xi Jinping urged his

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PANIC MODE: Mass Exodus of International Companies from China as Christian Persecution Increases

Huge panic is sweeping across China today, as a mass exodus of companies decide to leave. China’s persecution against Christians seems to be hurting their bottom line. As China has refocused their attention to persecute Christians, the economy has been suffering greatly. Christianity and business have both been growing exponentially in China for several decades, but the increased persecution and

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The 7 Deadly Plagues Visiting China

Disaster is hitting China so fast and so furious that it is hard for me to write about it all. Mother nature often does things that wreak havoc on nations, but what is happening in China does not seem natural – it seems… supernatural. There are things happening in China that are so crazy, that they could be categorized as

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International Leaders are Meeting Today to Help Beirut: Why They Can’t Help.

International leaders from around the world are coming together to raise aid for Beirut, five days after the massive explosion which has killed 158 people, injured more than 5,000 and left 300,000 people homeless. The virtual conference is being led by France, after French President Emmanuel Macron visited the devastated area on Thursday. The United Nations is helping to host

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A Surprise Miracle in the Beirut Aid Effort

As BTJ missionaries worked to arrange emergency aid yesterday, following the explosion in Beirut, something unexpected happened – Chinese business expats joined the effort. China has a growing number of expats working in the Middle East who have never heard of the Chinese underground house church vision, ‘Back to Jerusalem’. Most of them are not Christian and have traveled to

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