ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND Christians Just Lost Their Homeland

Joel Veldkamp from Christian Solidarity International joins Eugene on the podcast to discuss the troubling events unfolding in Azerbaijan and the ongoing persecution of Armenian Christians. Christian Solidarity International is a group that advocates for the Armenian Christians who are being persecuted. Not long ago, Nagorno-Karabakh, a tumultuous and hilly area, had about 120,000 ethnic Armenians who were the majority

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The Museum of Forbidden Art Opened in Europe, Christians Attacked, BUT the Most Forbidden Art Work is Missing

The Museum of Forbidden Art opened in Barcelona last week, but one exhibit is clearly missing. The new museum announced they are devoted to artworks that have been censored. It has 42 works by artists around the world that have been denounced, attacked or removed from exhibition. However, there is one of the most censored art works in recent history that

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