Reports are coming out of Shanghai that overseas phone calls will soon be blocked. “Government officials in our neighborhood have just announced that we might not be able to make overseas calls,” a BTJ worker reported this morning. The reports have not been confirmed in the news or through any official channels and the Christians in Shanghai are praying that

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Shocking Video! Shanghai Quarantine Workers Break Down Door to Detain Covid Violators

Shocking videos are continuing to come out of Shanghai, highlighting the severity of the lockdowns. Perhaps the term ‘lockdown’ should not even be used during this time in China, as it might conjure up images that many in the west experienced when they were asked to stay at home. Unfortunately, China is not merely asking people to remain in their

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Urgent Message from Afghanistan

This is an alert from the field – food is desperately needed in Afghanistan. The times are so desperate that people are selling parts of their bodies to survive. Little girls as young as 4 or 5 years old are being sold as brides to old men and that bride payment is being used to keep the family alive for

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BTJ’s New Middle East Ministry Center

BTJ recently launched a new Middle East Ministry Center during the month of April and the first month has already seen amazing results. Within days of launching the center, BTJ missionaries were preaching the Easter Message to Muslims, providing marriage counseling, and sharing the Gospel with refugees. For security reasons, we cannot share details about the location of the Middle

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