Open Doors – 16 Unreached Nations That Are Open RIGHT NOW for You to Travel to

It is Sunday morning and today is a day for fellowshipping with the saints. During this time of year, Sunday’s are also often a time when churches around the world discuss supporting mission trips for the year, but 2021 is different. Missions trips of all kinds have been canceled across the board. Mission groups sit grounded, missionaries can’t leave home,

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Pakistani Man Healed During Video Call

A Pakistani man was healed earlier this month after Christians prayed for him during an online video call. BTJ recently received a testimony from United Hive, an online ministry platform/phone app, of a man Jesus powerfully delivered as he was prayed for on a video call! According to William Duggan with Ananias International ministry, who uses United Hive, the Pakistani

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The Coming Persecution: Canadian Pastor Uses Chinese Testimony to Encourage Believers

“Christians can learn a lot from China,” came a message on social media, last week. “BTJ should use the Chinese experience to write a handbook how Christians can survive during times of intense persecution. We so desperately need that information right now!” For those who are looking for examples of the church during times of persecution, and look to the

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