👀 WATCH THIS 👀 RARE Documentary About Modern Missionaries in China That You Have Never Heard Of

One of the most unique Christian documentaries that you have never heard about is now available on YouTube. In a year when China has been aggressively cracking down on foreign charity workers and missionaries, a small documentary does something that few dare to do and takes the audience behind the forbidden curtain of China’s modern day missionaries. China’s current atmosphere

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Praise Report 🙌 Chinese Pastor Reunites With Family After Release From Jail

Today, a Christian family from Shanxi Province in China rejoices as they are reunited with their pastor. According to a social media post posted by Early Rain Covenant Church, Pastor An Yankui from Taiyuan Xuncheng Reformed Church (太原郇城归正教会) was greeted by his church and family members when he was released from jail. According to Early Rain Covenant Church, Pastor An

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Foreign Missionaries Might Not Be Allowed to Travel Without New Vaccine Passport

Foreign missionaries might soon be facing a new reality when traveling – vaccine passports. Vaccine passports are being developed by the largest companies in the world and are supported by the international community. A vaccine passport has not even been developed yet and it is already set to be the world’s most powerful passport. A viable vaccine has not even

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Eugene! Which Apps Should I DUMP and Which Apps Should I Keep on My Phone?

This article is a direct answer to inquiries on our BTJ social media platform, DingDash.com. You asked and we listened. After working in closed countries for more than two decades, we have learned a few things about security. However, after seeing what is currently taking place with massive international corporations – concerns about security are no longer limited to closed

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In a Rare Move – Chinese Government Protects Underground Church From CNN Attack

In a rare move, China’s government has moved to defend Christians of the underground house church who were blamed by a CNN report for new Covid-19 outbreak. Last week, China locked down the residents of Shijiazhuang: a city of 11 million people in Hebei Province. The lockdown happened quickly and swiftly. People were locked in their homes. Every major road

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