What about Jerusalem? Myles Weiss in China

It is not uncommon for people when they first hear of ‘Back to Jerusalem’ to assume it is a Messianic organization, guiding believers back to their Jewish roots. Although this important work is not our focus, we certainly do not want to reduce the ‘Jerusalem’ in our name as just a geographical direction in which we work, from East to

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Mission in your pocket

Are you excited about the gospel being preached in hard places? Do you wish you could be more involved somehow? Well, if you are an Android or iPhone user, we have good news for you! Back to Jerusalem has a new app, which you can download for free from your app store. Simply type ‘backtojerusalem’ on Android, or ‘back to

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China’s New Laws Target Christians

Persecution against Christians in China looks as if it is poised to escalate. With new religious laws proposed to be implemented early next year, Christians in China are bracing for a new wave of hardship. The Communist Party is responding to an alarming growth of Christians that are more bold and open than ever. The Christians are finding more and

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Letter from Office

Every two months, we at Back to Jerusalem try to highlight in our newsletter some of the projects we are involved in. From the cold mountains of North Korea to the scorching deserts of Iran and Sudan, we provide exclusive snapshot reports from the field of where the Holy Spirit is moving. However, at BTJ, projects are not who we

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