Barbara White: The Lion of Iraq

Almost ten years ago, while having lunch in Northern Iraq, I met a spirited woman full life and love. She immediately connected with the vision of the Chinese underground house church and began assisting believers wanting to serve in the Middle East. Barbara White, a native of Minneapolis, Minnesota, moved to Iraq as a widow woman ready to give her

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The Gifts Russian President Gave to North Korean Dictator Are WAAAY Different Than the Gifts BTJ is Giving

After three years of lockdown, Kim Jong Un finally opened the doors to North Korea when he traveled to Russia on a six-day trip to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to Russian news organizations, Kim received some very fancy gifts – five explosive kamikaze drones, a bulletproof vest, and a reconnaissance drone. The perfect gift for any tyrant.

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What the Media isn’t Telling You – The REAL Reason Why the Floods in Libya Were Deadly

Emergency reaction teams are begging for help in Libya to retrieve the overwhelming number of dead bodies killed in devastating floods that swept through the eastern city of Derna, killing thousands. Over a week ago, Libya was slammed by floods, creating one of the most deadly natural disasters this year with 11,000 dead, more than 10,000 still missing, and over

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