Chinese Military and Communist Party Members 💥NOW💥 Making iPhones

The Chinese government is reportedly recruiting Communist Party Members and China’s People Liberation Army veterans to help run the world’s largest iPhone-maker. This should be extremely disturbing for any iPhone owner, because of the past ‘hardware-lacing’ that China has conducted to spy on users. Hardware-lacing is the act of inserting special monitoring devices on products made in China that have

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MAIL TIME #2: Answering Your Questions!

Eugene is putting on his waders again to address all the haters. It’s time to read some of the “hate” mail and social media messages that we receive. Buckle up! The point of these special podcasts is not to bash anyone’s legitimate questions or comments. Instead, we want to offer our perspective to these difficult questions and controversial comments. These

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BAIT-AND-SWITCH: Fans More Upset About No Beer at World Cup Than Qatar’s Human Rights Abuses

The nation of Qatar shocked the world of soccer after clearly performing a masterful bait-and-switch to host the lucrative World Cup. FIFA, the governing body for the World Cup competition, came under heavy criticism when Qatar was announced to be the 2022 World Cup host. Qatar convinced the judges to look past their Islamic restrictions and horrific human rights record.

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