BTJ’s new book: Bury me in China

An average of 70 Bibles per minute roll off printing presses in China, making it one of the most productive areas in the world for Bible printing. Chances are, if you have a modern Bible or two at home, they were made in China, but it wasnt always this way.

Throughout the history of missions, the idea of having a Bible in China always seemed unattainable. The concept of translating the message of Gods Word into one of the most complicated, complex, and ancient languages on earth seemed too daunting of a task for any single person to handle. 250 years ago, it was against the law for the Chinese to teach their language to foreigners and not so long ago, anyone caught printing or distributing a Bible in the Chinese language could be executed, but there was one man that dared to change all of that. He was crazy enough to ignore the ‘experts,’ risk his life, and believe the foolish notion that, in Christ, all things are possible.

The name of this pioneer was Robert Morrison and he changed the trajectory of Christianity in China forever.

The real in-depth story about Robert Morrison and his struggle to translate the Bible into Chinese has never been fully told – until now! On November 16th, BURY ME IN CHINA, the untold story of Robert Morrison and his journey to the be the first protestant missionary to China will be released.

Today, China is experiencing the world’s largest revival and Robert Morrison started it all! He planted a foothold in China and paved the way for every Protestant believer in China today. Over 200 years ago, he built a foundation upon which all protestant missions rests.

For the first time ever, BURY ME IN CHINA tells the story of how a young man learned the Chinese language when it was illegal for the Chinese to teach it. The book reveals how just one person, with unimaginable opposition, published the first Chinese translation of the New Testament, produced the first Chinese-English dictionary, baptized the first protestant believer in China, established the first Chinese evangelist, translated the first version of the Confucian Classics directly to English, and started the first English-Chinese educational institution.

In order to pierce through the darkness, he had to suffer the loss of friends and loved ones, bury two children, lay his wife in an unmarked shallow grave under a wall, and eventually die on the mission field, thousands of miles away from the land of his birth.

A plethora of biographies, journals, news articles, and long forgotten letters were researched by our small team at Back to Jerusalem, to uncover the diverse tapestry of Robert Morrison’s life. Robert’s own memoirs, along with the memories of different individuals were plucked from the pages of history and dropped into this book.

For someone who was so transformational, it is amazing how little has been written about Robert Morrison. A real biography of substance about the life and work of Robert Morrison has not been attempted in over 100 years. After seeing one of the world’s largest revivals in the history of Christianity take place in China today, we feel that it is time to publish this untold story.

We owe it to the underground house church of China and those we serve in China to share this incredible story.

The book will be available on our website starting November 16, 2023.

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