BTJ’s New 30 Day Prayer Guide For Tibet

Tibet is a land of mystery and wonder. The covers of countless magazines feature pictures of the majestic snowcapped mountains of Tibet. The images fill those who gaze on them with a deep, spiritual sense of tranquility and peace. You can feel enlightened just by surveying the photographs.

The stories of the Tibetan people that accompany the pictures are intoxicating. In an instant you can be transported through time and space as you visualize yourself traveling across the globe to walk among these peaceful people and learn from their wise gurus.

Peace. Love. Nature.

That is what you think you will find in Tibet.

Except that you won’t.

The Tibetan people die a thousand times a day from the pain of spiritual slavery. They are born into inescapable poverty, and the spiritual leaders that they look to to help them escape look back to them for help. The spiritual leaders cannot take care of themselves; how can they save others? They look to the people for support, not the other way around.

Tibetan monks are not spiritual pathfinders. They are little more than pious beggars who demand wool from emaciated sheep.

In the 1950s, Tibet was freed from serfdom by Communist China only to be bound by the godless. The streets of Lhasa are patrolled by an atheist militia. Over half of a century later, Tibet is still home to one of the poorest groups of people in all of Asia, surpassed only by those who live in North Korea. Tibet was poor before the Communist takeover, and nothing has changed.

Despite all the efforts that missionaries have made over the years, most Tibetans have still never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel, and only portions of the Bible are available in their language.

Back to Jerusalem is currently supporting 210 evangelists in Tibet and they need the prayers of fellow believer’s around the world.

For this effort, Back to Jerusalem has created a guide for 30 Days of Prayer for Tibet.

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The 30 Days of Prayer is scheduled for the entire month of November. For 30 Days, we are asking our partners to join us.

The 30 Day Prayer Guide for Tibet consists of stories and testimonies collected by Back to Jerusalem over the last twenty years. Some of the testimonies were shared with BTJ workers and others were directly experienced by those who are part of BTJ’s ministry.

The prayer guide is broken into three parts.

First, we will identify the parts of Tibetan culture that the enemy has used to shackle the people to poverty and pain.

Second, we share amazing testimonies that will bring hope to your prayers for Tibet.

Last, we open up the secret doors of ministry that are currently taking place inside the mystical nation of Tibet to practically tear down the strongholds of the enemy.

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Each day of prayer will only take five minutes, and your daily, continuous prayer for these projects is so very important.

Tibetans are a people group who live in a land that has never been fully reached with the Gospel. Many brave missionaries have tried, and their efforts have been repeatedly repelled over and over again. But with the prayers of the saints, we believe that the day is coming when the spiritual walls around Tibet will collapse and the freedom of Christ will prevail in the hearts of the people.

Join us for the month of November.

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