BTJ Vision Casting trip to Tibet

Nothing happens in your comfort zone!

I love what I do!! Not very many people can say that.

We love being able to bring new opportunities to you all and allow God to open the eyes and our hearts. To take you to places where you have never been before. To provide experiences for you that will help you step out of our traditional boxes, to which we have become so accustomed.

What are you waiting for?

I dare you to step out of your comfort zone and take a soul awakening journey with us to ancient TIBET!!!

Has God called you to pray more for these specific groups of people? Would you like to see what we are all about on the field? Dates are being set and plans are in action. Come join us on this life changing adventure and you return, you will never be the same.

We are asking for your much needed prayers for this country over the month of November.  If God speaks to you and has called you too see with your own eyes what this country is all about. Contact me at

What others had to say about our most recent trip through Vision Casting to China and Iraq:

As we moved into northern Iraq, we were blessed greatly to make friends with the Yazidi people. Forced from their homes in Sinjar, they live as refugees in a harsh climate and in a desperate situation. There are many children without fathers and mothers, wives without husbands caring for many children, and women coming to the camp from captivity, even as we were there. All these circumstances due to the brutality of ISIS. 

There is great need for these two countries. The Holy Spirit is stirring there in a mighty way. The question is, how will I be impactful now that I have seen with my own eyes?
Stephanie V

God is working miraculously through BTJ and we can help; praise the Lord for His grace and mercy!

I was able to witness the loving, industrious youth in China to boldly and passionately proclaim the Gospel in China and to other closed countries through BTJ Vision Casting.
 Tim C.

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