BTJ Supporting 210 Evangelists in China’s Most Unreached Areas

With help of BTJ supporters this year, BTJ is supporting 210 Chinese Christian evangelists. Each of the evangelists that BTJ is supporting is currently serving in western China. This is one of the most unreached areas in the world. 4/5’s of China’s ethnic minorities in western China are considered to be unreached!

Each evangelist is equipped with tools that can help increase his or her ability to share the Gospel message. Each one is given evangelistic media devices that can assist them to minister and assist us to report. These media devices are given to the workers for free and are available in 10 different languages, focusing on the most unreached people groups in the world that live in western China.

Below is a demographic layout of the target groups that are the target of evangelists supported by BTJ for 2018.

People Groups in China People Groups Unreached Percentage
543 446 82.10%
Total Population of China Population Unreached Percentage
1380000000 185000000 13.40%
Estimated Number of Christians Percentage
130,000,000-160,000,000 9.4 – 11.59%

The current evangelists are working in regions that speak different dialects other than Mandarin Chinese, so we have provided 4 different languages out of the ten that are available to them for delivery.











Areas highlighted in yellow are targeted for 2018

Cities Targeted



Population (in Millions)

Urumqi Xinjiang Province 2.98
Aksu Xinjiang Province 2.37
Chifeng Inner Mongolia Province 4.34
Xining Qinghai 2.2
Lanzhou Gansu 3.61
Tianshui Gansu 3.26
Chengdu Sichuan 14
Nanchong Sichuan 6.28
Dazhou Sichuan 5.48
Yinchuan Ningxia 1.99
Total 46.51

Unreached People Groups Targeted by Distribution

(Color coded by Language)

People Group Population Unreached Religion Related Language
Hui 13446000 99.99% Islam
Kangjia 2000 100.00% Islam
Kerija 700 100.00% Islam
Kyrgyz 233000 100.00% Islam
Mongol Muslims (Alxa) 28000 100.00% Islam
Salar 146000 99.98% Islam
Sarokoli 43000 99.99% Islam
Tatar 10000 100.00% Islam
Uzbek 21000 99.95% Islam
Yutian 69000 100.00% Islam
Lopnur 43000 100.00% Islam
Uyghur 11518000 99.99% Islam
Kazak 1823000 99.99% Islam
Kazak Qinghai 3700 100.00% Islam
Mongol 5800000 99.92% Buddhist
Mongol Sichuan 38000 99.00% Buddhist
Mandarin Speakers

Languages coded by color on the follow page.

Uyghur is Red.

Kazak is Orange.

Mongolian is Green.

Some people groups do not speak the exact language as was recorded, but were targeted by one or more of the languages in distribution.

The evangelists that are supported by BTJ travel around western China, preach the Gospel, plant churches, and use the media device as a method to build relationships and further their impact.

Western China is a large area, about the size of western Europe and the languages and cultures are just as diverse. To better understand the area that the evangelists are working in, it would be good to think of what they are doing like an area covered by satellite.

Below is a map of the regions that the evangelists are working in and the respective language groups that they are ministering to.

One look at the map can allow one to understand the vast areas that they are working in.

When the media devices are handed out and used by evangelists, it is considered to be more effective than traditional media. It is person-to-person contact. This person-to-person contact is extremely effective in older cultures like those found in western China.

We call this a direct media method and the evangelists actually feel that this is an effective way for them to set goals for themselves on the mission field.

Instead of the evangelists being left with no guidance, the multi-media device allows them to immediately hit the ground running and to start ministry in the smallest of ways.

The direct media method is to spread from home to home by person-to-person contact.

The evangelists that are supported by BTJ have come up with many different ways to minister to the people. Media is just one approach, but it is a powerful one. Several of the evangelists are working in the targeted Muslim areas have started up after school programs for children. This has been a great way to get into the Muslim homes.

Many of the Muslim communities are more than 99% unreached and there are very little concentrated efforts focused on sharing the Gospel message in these areas.

With evangelists working with children and different forms of media, their efforts have been multiplied, because the children are learning the Gospel message at school and then taking it home to their parents. These children live in areas and belong to people groups that are considered by Joshua Project to be 100% unreached.

This project was partially supported by BTJ supporters that have joined the effort to support more evangelists and missionaries. If you would like to support evangelists working together with BTJ, please click here:

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