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BTJ and Storehouse Tea is the perfect blend. As Ambassadors for Back to Jerusalem, Dan & Paula Hershman, owners of Storehouse Tea, are honored to partner with BTJ to do our small part for the Great Commission.

What better way to support the mission and vision of the Underground Chinese Church in the 10/40 window than to purchase and drink our certified Organic & Fair Trade BTJ Schoolhouse Teas that are primarily from China. Storehouse Tea donates $5 of every BTJ Schoolhouse Tea purchased, and these dollars go directly to the BTJ Martyr’s Scholarship Fund that supports the education of the children of persecuted pastors in the underground church.

Sencha is steamed green tea and is famous for its fresh taste and aroma. The steaming process minimizes the oxidation of tea leaves, making this a smooth, sweet, clean tasting green tea from Zhejiang Province, China. This is the tea base for our BTJ Superfruit Goji Berry Green Tea and like all our teas they are handpicked by “tea pluckers”, mostly rural women, which is why we purchase Fair Trade teas whenever available.

The Mountain Mint is a Jasmine Green Tea base with Peppermint and Jasmine tea leaves. Green teas like our Mountain Mint contain organic peppermint with mild caffeine levels and contain high antioxidant polyphenols and l-theanine amino acids. Antioxidants fight disease and illness in the body and l-theanine create mental (mood enhancing) and physical wellness in the tea drinker’s mind and body. This tea is perfect for an afternoon pick up!

Our Pu-erh Tea is from Yunnan Province and is similar to but distinct from green tea, as it is the only tea that is aged – it experiences a unique natural post-fermentation process. When steeped, the Pu-erh tea exhibits a dark reddish infusion with a strong earthy scent, an aged essence, and sweet undertones. Scientific studies have shown Pu-erh teas are beneficial for gut health, detoxing, and heart health (lowering blood pressure & cholesterol).

We offer seven teas in our BTJ Schoolhouse Tea offerings: Superfruit Goji berry Green Tea, Mountain Mint Green Tea, Pu-erh Green Tea, Cinnamon Plum Berry Botanical Tea, Ginger Lime Rooibos, Yunnan Black, and Red Raspberry White Tea/Rooibos.

Storehouse Tea is excited to be a part of the funding for the BTJ Martyr’s Scholarship Fund. We can’t think of a better way to do good by purchasing and drinking delicious and healthy Schoolhouse Teas from Storehouse Tea and BTJ.

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