BTJ Sending AID to Afghanistan After 31 People Die in Deadly Floods

31 people died in deadly floods that hit northern Afghanistan on Monday. According to official reports, children were among the victims and dozens of people are still missing.

“These days are very difficult for the people in Afghanistan. Many problems have plagued the people with floods and heavy rains,” came the text from Afghanistan this week.

Homes and farm land have been destroyed making it very difficult for those who are already experiencing a tough time. Afghanistan is experiencing a severe food shortage. According to the UN World Food Program, “Currently, 1 in 3 people are hungry and 2 million children are malnourished. With drought, pandemic, and conflict, the food security situation will continue to worsen; and hunger will rise.”

This press release by the World Food Program was released before the massive earthquakes last month and the floods that destroyed farm land this week. Now, the situation is even worse.

Since the Taliban took over Afghanistan last year, it has been very difficult for humanitarian aid to make it into the country. We praise God for the partners we have inside the nation who are able to carry out humanitarian projects for BTJ. BTJ’s main representative inside the country is working undercover and is experiencing security risks every day. Last week, they were seized by the Taliban and barely made it out unscathed. We believe that their escape is the direct result of prayer from BTJ partners.

BTJ is sending funding to the areas hit hardest by the floods. Please continue to pray for the security and safety of those carrying out this project.


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