BTJ Scholarship Awarded to Son of Persecuted Himalayan Pastor

This week, we received a special request from Pastor Amos (not his real name), to help his son attend medical school. Pastor Amos is a BTJ partner preaching the Gospel in the Himalayan mountains, but because of his faith, he is persecuted by the government. In his region, the government doesn’t only harass him for his belief in Jesus Christ, but they also put pressure on his family and their livelihood.

Pastor Amos is one of the most prolific BTJ ministers in the area, constantly providing disaster relief, sustainable training for pastors, and is one of the primary representatives for the Chinese Sunday School DOVE training in his region, but because of his activities, he has been forced to sell his home.

It is not easy for his children to get an education when he is always on the run, but because of the BTJ Martyrs Scholarship Fund, Pastor Amos is now able to send his son to a private medical training institution and get one of the best educations in the country!

Pastor Amos’ son is one of many children who suffer because of the ministry of their parents. Due to severe persecution in recent years, many Christian families are finding it difficult to give their children a proper education. Believers are being hit with huge fines they will never be able to pay. Sales of homes are being forced, travel has been restricted, jobs are revoked, and thousands are being arrested.

With the drastic increase of violence against Christians in the last year, the need is now greater than ever to help the children of the persecuted church. According to the most recent 2021 survey, more than 360 million Christians “face high levels of persecution” every day.

This is why BTJ is taking concrete steps to provide support for the children of persecuted believers.

It is one thing to have your freedom and liberties stripped from you while being physically tortured for your faith, but it is something entirely different when you have to watch your children suffer too. We know that we cannot stop persecution. Jesus promised we would all face rejection and persecution, but we do believe that we can help make a difference in the lives of children living in closed nations.

This month, BTJ has decided to send Pastor Amos $2,000 in scholarship funding to help pay for his education.  To help in this time of need, you can join BTJ by donating to the Martyrs Scholarship Fund to help children who are directly affected by parents facing restrictions, government pressure, surveillance, prison and other forms of persecution.

To donate now, click below:

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